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Red stripe - drink it or smoke it?

What do I know of Jamaica? Er...I have a vague idea of where it is. I have heard some Reggae. One of my show callers told me a great story about his trip there in the 70's and his adventures with a 16 paper spliff.
That's about it really.
So it'll come as absolute zero suprise that I know even less about Jamaican beer. Especially one that sounds like a brand of cigarette..

Bridge Road Chevalier Saison - down a different path

It's been a great opportunity over the last 12 and a bit months to try a few different styles of brew and see what I like. Things like IPAs and Hefeweizens are pretty high on the list (can't wait to get into a neipa) - but after trying a Saison for the first time ever, where does this now fit on the styles list?

It was an interesting experience..

Almigo brews a beer part 4 - a box of beery goodness appears

So just in time for my 38th celebration of roaming the planet, a magical box appears!

Fortitude Drifter Summer Ale - Hey I know that car...

Tonight we're back with another beer from the car loving brewers of Mt Tamborine. But does the Drifter have the engine power to keep up with the rubber laid down by it's Pacer brother? Let's turn the key and find out!*

*By turn the key I mean drink the damn thing.

Stone Go To IPA - an invitation from a pair of devils

Would you take a look at this cheeky little guy, just lazying back with his stein of frothy goodness, signalling that you too should get into one or maybe two (perhaps three even?) and nothing bad could possibly happen here.

Cheeky little git.

Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA - The giant came and went real quick..

IPA time! (It's been a while.) Can this sleeping giant stand tall in the shadows left by the previous India Pale Ales? (Discounting Tui of course). Or will the giant be hobbled before it hits the battlefield? Let's load up the beer sling and find out!

Oettinger - Enjoy it while stomping spiders..

Weekend work shift done, dinner finished, kids put to bed - time for a quick 500ml trip to Germany while we...mash some spiders in our dungeon?