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Almigo brews a beer part 4 - a box of beery goodness appears

So just in time for my 38th celebration of roaming the planet, a magical box appears!

This is what happens when your family asks what you'd like for your birthday and you figure that some beer making supplies would go down an absolute treat.
So you could imagine how happy I was when I came home from a very late day at work and found this treasure chest waiting for me in the hallway. (Thank you Guy!)

What's inside? Let's venture in and discover the brewing treasure!

Firstly this classy beer kit sack bag to tote everything around in.

A pair of brew in the bag bags, stickers and a stick on thermonther to let you know how badly you're overheating your poor lager.

Mini Beer Channel satellite dish. Sadly episodes of the 70's classic 'Brew a Bitchin Batch You Badass Bitch' is no longer showing.

A pair of hop bombs. Load up the hops (or pellets) and bombs away. Obviously they work better in your brew than they do as a suprise grenade but suit yourself.

All glass = all class. 5 litres of carboy excellence ready to hold the brew that is true.

Hand pump to get the beer flowing into the bottles before old mate Cappadonna comes into play.

Fast N Furious guage to see how much boost your using so you can brag on car forums about your hectic ride. No wait, it's a thermometer.

Airlock to help the yeasties burp all the c02 out and not turn my new setup into a 5 litre beer explosion.

Frankenstein stick. Is it alive? IT'S ALIVE!! Oh wait, it's a mad scientist hydrometer. How potent is our brew? The stick knows! The stick will tell us!

And finally some sodium percarbonate to keep things clean and sanitised. Let's not kill our beer with rogue bacteria okay?

What a fun bit of kit! Now to grab a small batch recipe (extract first, then build up to all grain) and get down to business!

Missed any parts of Almigo brews a beer? Find them here!

Part 4 - A box of beery goodness appears (you are here) 


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