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James Squire Mid River - Netfllx and swill

A disappointing day today in the Beers In My Backyard HQ - I learnt that the series that was giving me much amusement: The Mist on Netflix - will not be renewed for another season. All that terrible acting going to waste. All that terrifying mist fading into the ether. So many questions left unanswered.
So to console myself I popped the top off a bottle of James Squire Mid River and went for a bit of a Netflix surf to find a suitable replacement. Thankfully I ended up with something that turned out far tastier than the beer selection...

Blue Moon - More than once in said moon

Would you look at this moment - wife and daughter tuckered out from a big day at the local markets, my son keeping himself amused by watching random things on YouTube, the dog warn out from her trip to the dog park this morning, my little barbell workout is done for the day and still a couple of hours til dinner. Conditions are clear (moons and planets and something about druids in alignment and all that) and the afternoon is packing a lovely warmth. Time for a cheeky brew. Time to get the moon out a little early..

Sail and Anchor Pale Ale - The sea, she be an angry bitch tonight

It was one of those days where it rained so hard and heavy, all you wanted to do was be inside. But nay, I had to work so it was a fun drive to and from work in the torrential downpour, capped off while trying not to drown myself in the lashing rain while piloting the BBQ.

Did I mention that it truly would have been a terrible day for sailing? Well it would have been. So not being a sailor (at all) I settled for the next best thing. A home made burger and a bottle of Sail and Anchor. Could this brew lift the spirits of my crew (consisting of just me) in the face of truly terrible conditions? Let's find out!

Pacer Pale Ale - putting it through it's...uh...paces

A few months ago I had a great time catching up with the in laws at the Mount Tamborine carnival. Or fair. Or get together. I forget what is was called but it was a nice mix of festival stuff including some cars, rides for the kids and decent food. So when I discovered that the Pacer Pale Ale is made on the mountain (or near it anyway) I figured now was a good a time as any to sample a local brew made just down the road from my place.*

*Well about 25kms away but who's counting?