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Showing posts from December, 2017

Balter Black Metal Disco - no cover charge necessary

The third and final of our Balter offerings (until I get my hands on a can of their pilsner sometime next year), let's find out what's going on in the subdued tall can here..

Balter IPA - The local velvet uppercut

The second of our three offers from Balter currently cooling away in the fridge (Black Metal Disco still on the way), could the Indian Pale Ale here find itself a worthy opponent to the recently crowned King of The IPA's, being the Burleigh Fig Jam? Let's step on the ring and find out!

Balter XPA - In depth beer chat is good chat

So in one of my side projects (I have many, I never know when to slow down) my mate Al (yep, a fellow Al) have been working on a podcast called 'Who the hell?'. In a nutshell it's a podcast about finding out more about fascinating people. In our first episode we learnt that Ian Moss from Cold Chisel fame loves to collect red wines. In episode two recorded yesterday, we discovered the amazing story of Balter head brewer Scott Hargrave. And just in time for Christmas, he came baring gifts..

Beers in my backyard 2017 awards ceremony - Cold ones open, standby.

Wow, what a year in beers it's been too. I started off this page as purely an homage to good brews, sipped in the comfort in your own backyard - not realising that by the end of 2017 I'd have tried over 55 of them with most of the notes banged away into respective separate posts for this place.
Not bad for a bloke who only got back into the wonderful world of malt and hops properly earlier this year.

So with the year just about up, let's look back and crown some of the wheat from the chaff, the cream from the crop and the true brews from the small glass buckets of water. Which beers reigned supreme? Lets get the very first 'Beers in my backyard' annual awards underway!

Little Creatures Pale Ale - the stuff that keeps clients happy

So there was a work do on at my radio station and all the staff were encouraged to introduce themselves to clients and get involved in the eating and drinking (in moderation of course). While I'm not really that great at mingling (I crack more ice breaking jokes than necessary) I'm more than game to do the eating and beer drinking part, especially when there's something on offer I haven't had for a while.

In this case, a couple of bottles of Little Creatures Pale Ale...