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4 pines Indian Summer Ale - smells like Christmas is here

Another lazy afternoon, another artsy fartsy photo out in the back yard, another brew sacrificed to the beer gods. And this time around I think I've tripped over the perfect beer for Xmas lunch, especially if you skipped on a Christmas tree this year - all in a can that I confuse for one full of orange flavored mineral water...

Young Henry's Newtowner - Put this town back on the map

What do Stevie Nicks, McDonalds, a barbell set and a Chinese phone have in common? Nothing really - they've just all been involved in my day so far. It's exhausting work so far which mean's it's time for a beer!

(And an artistic beer shot with the new phone!)

And the first to step through the ropes in our latest Triple Threat Cage Craft Match Cataclysm? The young beer known as Henry...

Triple threat craft cage match cataclysm

Three beers enter...and none of them get out alive.

But hey, at least we get to crown a king out of the three random beers I picked up from BWS for the weekend ahead.

Let's have a closer look at who has stepped through the ropes for this battle...

Gage Roads Break Water - Last brew standing

Well it's been a fun adventure from 8 beers down to one, high flyers to beers that literally left a bad taste in your mouth. From the highest of highs to the average of the lows, how would this last one fare? As a last ditch take down of the Pirate King or best swept under the rug of the ones with the terrible finish?

Bottoms up, it's verdict time!

John Boston The Point Pale Ale - drinking with a graphic King

Ahh glorious, a weekend off. And what better way to spend an afternoon after doing not much in the morning than by doing not much in the arvo too. And after a visit to the local library so my little bloke could continue his assault on the primary school read-a-thon I also came home with some graphic novels to mentally devour.

So here we are out the back with a pale ale and Stephen King's The Stand in graphic novel form. Would the brew be as good as the comic though? Let's get in to it.

Endeavour Growers Ale - Lazy Sundays with the Border Collie

Sunday's are supposed to be quiet but of course my latest one wasn't - I was up at 4:45am to battle the non existent traffic of the M1 to make it in time for my radio show where I played a lot of the 80's, reminisced about the 80's (especially how cool I was with my showbag Knight Rider pencil case), almost got collected by some airhead who didn't understand how roundabouts worked, played some Lego Dimensions on the Xbox 360 with my little bloke and when I finally stopped for air I found myself outside at the back table with just the dog for company and a bottle of Endeavour Growers Ale ready to calm my Sunday down.

Would this be the beer that Sundays are made for? Lets slurp and see!

Monteiths American Pale Ale - welcome to New Zorkland

Ahh the land of the long white cloud - I haven't been there forever but on the 6 days I spent over there pretending I was pretty cool on my Contiki trip (I lied and told everyone I was a radio breakfast announcer with my own show...which happened a couple of years later so maybe I knew something?) and remember big nights drinking pint after pint of Monteiths Radler, copious drinking games and trying to get the attention of anything female that moved. Good times.

(Oh and I almost forgot how sick I was for a week after, when my immune system tried to recover from all the damage I'd piled on it while over there.)
So will Monteiths American Pale Ale have me yearning to go back? Let's check shall we?

Mountain Goat Steam Ale - Now where's my pizza?

'I'll have a steamed mountain goat thanks' - not something you'd hear outside of a foreign country with copious mountins whose name will have you tripping over your tongue in your attempts to pronounce it but that's what we're trying this arvo. An organic steamed Mountain Goat. Thankfully I didn't need a sherpa handy to buy one..

Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale - One fin to rule them all

A summer beer in winter? Yes there's method to my madness as I'm experiencing a Gold Coast winter which is like spring everywhere else. So very decent weather to get my summer on in the kitchen while I whip up my family famous Mexican salad..

Burleigh 28 California Pale Ale - Can't move, can't talk, drink beer.

Greetings from the new machine. After a bit of an amusing journey to cobble my new super computer together with bits and pieces from here, there and everywhere I finally have it up and running and to celebrate, let's review The Burleigh 28 California Pale Ale.

Is it worthy of celebration? Well about that...

Pirate Life - it be a pirate life fer me...

Well, a promise be a promise...

So today ye find me writin this entire review, in pirate.
Shiver me timbers and all that...