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Holiday brews - stop thinking of work and taste the flavors

In anticipation of my first set of holidays in my latest jobs, I went out and made some friends.

As you can see, they seem to be a pretty rowdy but fun bunch (especially that chick with the beard)...

Birra Moretti - Green jacket and hat optional

Ironic isn't it? I had just finished buying the Morninton Lager that I wrote about last week at Dan Murpheys when I got a phone call on the way back to the car. 'Congratulations you've just won firts place in our Mothers Day raffle and part of it is a Dan Murphey's voucher!'

Thankfully my lovely wife was feeling generous enough to shout me a quick trip to Italy...

Mornington Lager - Who put the cans in the washing machine again?

After the success of Brooklyn Lager last week, this week I took the Lager train to a different stop, a mere 32 hour flight away to Mornington Victoria Australia where along the way my beer managed to lose 45mls..

Brooklyn Lager - Hey, I'm drinking here!

As day's go, today has been a pretty good one.
I had the day off.
I caught up with family that I haven't seen in the last six months.
I finally get to drink that American beer that's been sitting in my fridge for longer than I remember...