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Velkopopovický Kozel - one bargain goat

Remind me to shop at Dan Murphey's more often - not only do they have far more beers on hand than the local bottle shop, they stock a much more in depth selection of internationals. Like this one with the blotto goat on the front...

Iron Jack Lager - Brace yourself for high tide

So the in-laws have come a visiting and last night we were off to the local tavern for some good chat, a big bowl of ribs and wings and a schooner of water that for some reason came out of a beer tap..

Wild Yak Pacific Ale - Drink it for science!

So I have a completely unsubstantiated theory when it comes to the nature of being busy...

Sapporo - Enjoy this when you can see the floor again

There's no such thing as a lazy Sunday in this house. Especially when your clan includes a couple of kids and the landlord decides they need a look around the place later this week...

Asahi - what makes a good work xmas party?

I've been in plenty of work Xmas do's in my time but last night was a ripper due to the one thing it didn't have...

John Boston The Second Batch Session IPA: It came with a warning..

Now it's not often that I get a word or warning about a beer during my weekly trips to the bottle shop (in fact the only other beer selection that got any reaction in my blogging so far was the Estrella Damm that was recommended to me by a woman working in the shop) but on the way out from buying this one, the guy behind the counter uttered 'It's nice, but you couldn't have more than one..' which is a strange thing to say for a beer that is labelled as ready for a drinking session..

James Boag's Premium Light - My horse is still running

When it comes to picking a winning horse in any race, even the race that stops a radio station - The Melbourne Cup - I am completely rubbish at it. Spending more time agonising over which horse has a more powerful and therefore winning name over actually looking up any previous race history or anything useful. So obviously, I didn't pick a winner - but work was quite nice to put on a chicken and champers feast in celebration and preferring a brew over some bubbles, I raided the Friday nights drinks fridge and came up Premium.
Would this one give me that winner feeling?

Bitburger - I know I put this damn card somewhere

A mini concert celebrating Australian music. A race against Brisbane traffic. A car boot sale. A couple of sick children. A lost credit card. No it's not a terrible plot outline to a pilot episode of a tv series that will never get off the ground, it formed the basis of my weekend. How I ever managed to find time to sample a Bitburger (actually I wasn't that busy...) is anyone's guess..