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A game of 4 quarters....and 3 IPA's

It's been a pretty emotional time in this house over the weekend - my beloved Richmond Tigers made the AFL Grand Final (something that hasn't happened in the last 35 years.) What made it even better was that they really sunk the boots into the Adelaide Crows, won in spectacular style and I got to enjoy three knock out beers in the process!

Win win all around really!

Green Beacon Wayfarer - a hoppy punch right into the heart of your back pocket

I needed to pass time at the airport and figured a nice cold brew in the airport lounge would do the trick just nicely. The beer I picked was delicious but boy did I end up paying for it...*

Lorry Boys Jim and Joe's Golden Ale - boys will be boys

I didn't buy this beer out of a lorry. It was from a fridge at the local shopping centre. I also didn't buy this beer from a Jim or a Joe. I think her name was Katherine.  Still as long as it turned out to be a golden ale in the end and not some rogue chardonnay in disguise, I think all can be forgiven.
Let's pop the top and find out..

Coors - Probable Coors

Well it was cheap and I was thirsty...

Molson Candian Lager - If this was a radio station...

Fun fact: According to the stats, more Canadian's than Australians have checked out this blog (they're currently 2nd on the list, visitors from the US are miles ahead in number 1 most visited position.) And in absolute pure coincidence today, we're tucking into a Canadian brew and finding out whether it's a worthy salute to our beer drinking brothers and sisters up north.

Chang Beer - International pizza party

You know the expression 'brought a sword to a gun fight?' Well on fathers day this year I did the equivalent - I brought a Taiwanese beer to a make your own pizza celebration. How would the mish mashing of flavours and cultures go though?

White Rabbit Dark Ale - The Great Wall of China was built to keep them away

Friday night - time for a dark beer and a darker sci fi movie. So I Netflixed the world's most deadliest train trip (Snow Piercer) and washed it down with a White Rabbit Dark Ale.