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Holiday beer 8: Cricketers Arms Keepers Lager - caught out by the memories

Only two sips in and this beer was bringing back some memories. Good memories. We're off to a cracking start already...

Holiday beer 7: Globe Premium Draft - Welcome to the house beer

According to the bottle shop website where I bought this can, 'You won't get any surprises, just great value and great quality.'

I'm really starting to think I didn't get much of either here...

Holiday Beer 6: Tsingtao - the Beast from the East?

Once in a while my wife likes to cook Salmon for the family and she's bloody good at it too. So last night the latest big question I had to face was: Out of my latest stash of holiday beers, which one would really go well with this fish dish?

For this challenge I decided to head off to China...

Holiday beers: 4 more aiming for a high score

While there's still a few days of my holidays left, sadly my brew supply has run dry. So it was off to the closest First Choice liquor store and their limited beer selection to rectify this problem immediately. Here's what ended up in the shopping bag this time around for the next couple of days of sampling, tasting and hopefully enjoying..

Holiday beer 5: 3 Pub circus pale ale - Mary in the middle

Roll up, roll up, come one and all. Come and see if this fifth and final holiday beer will put hairs on your chest and make you just as hirsute as poor Mary on the label...

Holiday beer 4: Burleigh Brewing Co Fig Jam India Pale Ale - No time to be humble here

For a while I've had it in my head that IPA should for 'Imperial Pale Ale'. How and why I'm not sure (although I might have meshed this up from the Hilltop Hood's song The Sentinel where they mention Imperial Pints) but no, it stands for India Pale Ale and holiday beer number 4 turned out to be one of the best I've ever had...

Holiday beer 3: Little Creatures Fire Falcon Hoppy Red - Better Red than in bed

I had my first experience with red tinged beers at a random jazz bar somewhere where I was part of a rent a crowd shipped in to watch a guy I never met nor can't remember the name of play some jazz. The highlights of the night was spotting Dr Carl from the TV show Neighbours bopping away in the corner and the 'Rusty Reds' or tap.
Or was it 'Rustic reds'?
Erm...'Redbeard reds'?

Regardless it was delicious and long story short I drank a stack of it and went on to make a complete ass of myself on the bus ride home. Good times.
So - will this Fire Falcon have me yearning for a night out to a Jazz club, making an ass of myself again or reigniting my fondness for the red stuff? Let's find out.

Holiday beer 2: Estrella Damm - Thems the brakes

On day 2 of my holidays I spent a great half hour attempting to unsuccessfully keep the rubber to the road on a local go kart track. In honour of cutting corners so expertly that I ended up facing the completely wrong direction, I figured I would celebrate in a similar style to F1 great Fernando Alonso...with a home cooked steak dinner and a bottle of Estrella Damm.

Holiday beer 1: Kirin Megumi - One graceful giraffe?

It's dangerous kicking off your holiday beer tasting the minute you set foot through the door in the first hour of your holidays - there's always the temptation to celebrate with more than one, especially after a big week.

But I refrained at just one for my Friday night (impressive feat that!) and the first holiday beer cab off the rank was the Kirin Megumi. Could this redeem things for the land of the rising sun after the washy slight soapy experience that was the Asashi Soukai? Let's find out!