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Holiday beer 7: Globe Premium Draft - Welcome to the house beer

According to the bottle shop website where I bought this can, 'You won't get any surprises, just great value and great quality.'
Apologies for the picture taken with a potato, I managed to throw out my can before I got a happy snap..

I'm really starting to think I didn't get much of either here...

How much did it set you back?: On special for $2.60. I wonder why?

But the can looks Indeed it does. I'd say this South Korean effort was attempting a look from the Big Book of Budweiser. There's even a Gold version too! (But after this effort it won't be on my list anytime soon)

Initial thoughts: You know how you go to a decent restaurant and you order a glass of house red or house white and while it might not be the greatest wine there, there's plenty of it and it's okay to drink? Well this would make a great house beer...when everything else cheap runs out.
I can't smell anything.
I can't really taste anything.
The aftertaste doesn't hang around for long (not that there is much of one)
It's watery.
It still tastes like beer. A very light, fairly flavourless beer.

Overall: The can tells me to drink real beer...which is a great idea and one I look forward to, hoping one comes along as soon as possible after this can. It's not earthshakingly bad (I mean it could not taste like a beer at all) but there really isn't anything going for it at all even at the price.
(The more I think about it, the more this kind of beer reminds me of that episode of Married with Children when the church of No Maam can only afford 'Yeast and stuff' beer. So welcome to the 2017 version of Yeast and Stuff..)

1.5 Yeast and Stuffs out of 5 Married with Children episodes...


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