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Holiday beer 3: Little Creatures Fire Falcon Hoppy Red - Better Red than in bed

I had my first experience with red tinged beers at a random jazz bar somewhere where I was part of a rent a crowd shipped in to watch a guy I never met nor can't remember the name of play some jazz. The highlights of the night was spotting Dr Carl from the TV show Neighbours bopping away in the corner and the 'Rusty Reds' or tap.
Or was it 'Rustic reds'?
Erm...'Redbeard reds'?

Regardless it was delicious and long story short I drank a stack of it and went on to make a complete ass of myself on the bus ride home. Good times.
So - will this Fire Falcon have me yearning for a night out to a Jazz club, making an ass of myself again or reigniting my fondness for the red stuff? Let's find out.

SO WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT JAZZ?: Less than I know about beer and since I'm still finding my feet here, that's not much at all. However I have a Miles Davis live around the world album here somewhere and it's a ripper. Also years ago I bought an Acid Jazz cd for 99 cents from the Virgin Megastore bargain bin and it turned out quite well.


He should know.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: So it wasn't really red. More like a brown. However 'Hoppy brown' sounds terrible so probably a good idea they stuck to red.
Not a huge head but at least it didn't vanish in the blink of an eye.
I managed to drink it in the correct season as it's supposed to be a winter beer, so well done me.
A nice strong bitterness to it with a very woody aftertaste with just a hint of coppery stuff lingering.
What am I smelling here? Still working that out. But it smells okay.

WHAT TO EAT IT WITH?: Roasted meats and baked potatoes. It's got that strong and bitter flavour that would go really well with most things that come out of the oven. Last night I tried it with pork rashers and rice with a very sweet sauce but it didn't gel well.

WHAT'S IT IDEAL FOR?: When you're tired of beers without dominate flavour or bitterness. Roasting something over a fire pit you built yourself. When you have trouble telling your red from browns.

OVERALL: Maybe I'm looking at things with rose tinted glasses here but this faring from Little Creatures didn't seem to match up with the memories I had of Jazz night. Sure it was a while ago and sure I was well and truly sozzled by the end of it but the fact is I thoroughly enjoyed the first and kept going back for more. Would I go back for another Fire Falcon immediately after the first? Possibly - but not in great quaffing quantities. It's been a great different beer for this holiday series but it probably won't be the most dominant amber ale I'll ever have the pleasure in sampling.
Maybe it needs a bit more jazz?

3 Burning falcons out of 5.


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