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Holiday beer 2: Estrella Damm - Thems the brakes

On day 2 of my holidays I spent a great half hour attempting to unsuccessfully keep the rubber to the road on a local go kart track. In honour of cutting corners so expertly that I ended up facing the completely wrong direction, I figured I would celebrate in a similar style to F1 great Fernando Alonso...with a home cooked steak dinner and a bottle of Estrella Damm.

SO YOU WON LIKE ALONSO PROBABLY WOULD HAVE THEN?: Not even close. In my first race I tried to take off and the engine cut out. So they fired it back up, I roared off in 6th place...and ultimately finished just the way I started.
Out of a total of 6 entrants of course.

He's screaming on the inside..

In awe of my blistering performance (or more than likely they were finished for the day) my next two scheduled races found me pitting my considerable skills and times...against myself. Yes I had all 1.2 kms of Go Kart track all to myself. And seeing no one else around to contend with, the track Marshall was more than happy to mesh my two remaining 10 minute block into one all out 20 minute track assault.
Three corners later and I managed to not only generate some smoke from the tires, but completely 360'd myself.
I'm good at this go-kart thing aren't I?

So many places to spin out on...

Still, aside from it feeling like it was just 3 degrees Celsius at times (note to self: wear a long sleeve next time) it was a ripper day out and deserved to be celebrated with a hard earned race brew. This was also the beer that came highly recommended by the lady at the local bottle shop so lets see if she's on to something here.

HOW MUCH DID IT SET YOU BACK?: A sniff over $4 from memory. There was no single price on the shelf but it scanned as a single.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Wow it's sweet. Not sickly sweet but with the most subtle of honey ghost at the end of each sip. There's also a very slight metallic tinge to it to. So like a tin of honey that someone brewed a beer in? Possibly.
It's very light too. Not super clean like the previous entry Kirin Megumi but the lightest (and sweetest) lager so far. Very drinkable but nothing jumping off the page. Light straw colour - bubbles and head hang around slightly longer than the Kirin.
Without the sweet spot at the end though there's not much going on here.

WHAT TO EAT IT WITH: Crusty bread with olive oil. Maybe a Paella. Or if you really want to do a number on your teeth pair it with churros drowned in chocolate.  

OVERALL: If you like your beers light and sweet (the woman at the bottle shop obvious does) then you'll enjoy this. If you like them less sweet and more flavoursome, look elsewhere. However if it's a hot day and they're cheap enough, you could do far far worse.

2.75 out of 5 hot churros.


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