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Holiday beer 8: Cricketers Arms Keepers Lager - caught out by the memories

Only two sips in and this beer was bringing back some memories. Good memories. We're off to a cracking start already...

Cheers to you Friday!

Recently I was listening to an absolutely amazing podcast by Tim Ferris who was chatting to Richard Betts about wine and whiskey - long story short, it was absolutely enthralling. Richard's cruisy chatty style and incredible story coupled with his immense knowledge of many drops make it incredibly riveting listening, especially in the early part of the cast where he told the story of opening a bottle of wine and instantly being transported back to Italy where the memories of a particular memory came flooding back in incredible detail.

A similar thing happened when I opened this beer.
Not in crystal clear clarity but it made me hark back to a time where I would relish my Friday night trips to the pub (the Warnambool Hotel) with workmates. Usually involved a few (quite a few) pots of the good stuff and more often than not, a wood fired pizza. Yum.If you closed your eyes, you could practically smell the beer in the carpets and chat from the crowds on a Friday night. 

What's causing it? No idea. But I'm impressed with the effect.

HOW MUCH DID IT SET YOU BACK?: $4 at First Choice

BEST MEMORY OF THE BOOL?: Plenty to choose from. So many nights, beers, counter meals and random shenanigans. Then there was this cute little jazz singer... #goodtimes

INITIAL THOUGHTS:  Aside from the warm feeling of good memories this is the first beer I've had in a while with a head that screams 'LOOK AT HOW STRONG I AM!', it's quite impressive. Smell wise there's a hint of citrus. Taste is light and a little watery with nothing jumping off the page but I did manage to drink it in record time after a stupidly busy working week so there is that going for it.
It's a decent, drinkable beer.

Best head I've had in ages.

WHAT TO ENJOY IT WITH?: Friends seem to be a good choice. Having none oh those around at home on Friday night (wife and kids were well and truly asleep by the time I rumbled home) I had to settle with cheese and crackers. They went well. 

OVERALL: If memory inducing happened a) every time I had this beer and b) to everyone else other than me then this would be one of the greatest beers of all time. However it might be a one off (didn't have a second one to check) and while that was enjoyable, the rest of the beer wasn't lighting any fires under me. Perfectly drinkable, just don't expect fireworks and memories may vary.

3.5 out of 5 halcyon days. 


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