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Asahi Soukai - the non turbo beer

Bless my wife, she can spot a bargain a mile off. And given how much I'm enjoying a cold brew to help relax after a big night of occasionally working, I was more than pleased when she handed me a coupon she found for 2x6 packs of Asahi Soukai for just twenty bucks. A cold beer for $1.67? Sign me up!
And with this bargain beer in bulk, are we finally able to cross our first international beer off our list?
Well not exactly...

Sure with the design, font and plenty of Japanese characters adorning the bottle you could be confused with the thought that this was made in the land of the rising son. But look a little closer at the label and you'll see in the smaller print that it's brewed and bottled here in Australia...under the supervision of the Asahi company. Which could be anything from 100 strict guidelines rigorously enforced at every step right down to 'we made it here and after a couple of brews on the back deck the head honchos told us they like it so we'll stic…