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Steamrail Golden Ale - Hide em if you've got em

Well it was a rubbish looking Friday afternoon courtesy of some heavy rains, so what better way to give up on all the mowing that needs to be done (until the rain stops of course) and get stuck into some Steamrail Gold Digger Golden Ales? Once I get them out of work safely that is...

Gage Road Premium Mid Pils 3.5 - Pils for what ails ya

It's been a long time since I last set foot in Western Australia. The last time I recall very long highways, getting lost (a lot) and drivingaround in a Saab 900 with a starter motor that worked roughly 30 percent of the time.

So would sipping on a Gage Road Premium Mid Pils 3.5 crafted in Western Australia open the floodgates to memoriesville? Or be a great drink to wash down the taste of random grass blades after an afternoon of whipper-snippering my backyard to oblivion? Will it match tonight's feast of chicken nibblets? While it help soothe the sunburn after a big morning of walking around the Carrara markets? So many questions -  Lets find out.