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Gage Road Premium Mid Pils 3.5 - Pils for what ails ya

It's been a long time since I last set foot in Western Australia. The last time I recall very long highways, getting lost (a lot) and drivingaround in a Saab 900 with a starter motor that worked roughly 30 percent of the time.

So would sipping on a Gage Road Premium Mid Pils 3.5 crafted in Western Australia open the floodgates to memoriesville? Or be a great drink to wash down the taste of random grass blades after an afternoon of whipper-snippering my backyard to oblivion? Will it match tonight's feast of chicken nibblets? While it help soothe the sunburn after a big morning of walking around the Carrara markets? So many questions -  Lets find out.

HOW MUCH DID IT SET YOU BACK? $15 on special for a six pack at BWS. After my wife suggested a couple of coldies after a big afternoon cleaning and dirt churning with my fifty buck facebook sourced whipper snipper I wholeheartedly agreed and the selection boiled down to what I had in my pockets ($15). Which meant the Pils 3.5 or Steersman for a dollar cheaper. Liking the simple red and white design, it was Pils for the win.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Lovely light aroma and as the bottle suggested it was indeed crisp, bright and fresh. It definately doesn't have the lingering aftertaste of a lot of full strengths until you burp and there's a little taste memory right there just for a moment. Very easy to drink and incredibly refreshing, especially on a hot afternoon hacking the backyard jungle to death. Very similar to a couple of European beers I've had previously but a little less sweet. Usually after a couple of bottles with a meal I feel like I've had my fill (especially with the aftertaste hanging on) but this is balanced enough to skip that part. Very impressed. 

Well done fussy bastards!

WHAT TO EAT IT WITH? Chicken and rice was a good match. I reckon it'd also go great guns with Pork sausages in crunchy buttered hotdog rolls and crispy summer salads. Not so much with a big hunk of steak or a roast though.

WHAT IT'D BE IDEAL FOR Taking to a classy bbq that you're planning to stay at for a few hours but still want to look respectable at the end of. Meeting your future in laws at their place. Cooling down after being bombared by weeds flying at your bare legs at more than 200 clicks courtesy of your facebook bargain. 

DID IT REMIND ME OF WA? No not really. But it was a bloody long time ago so my recall is a little hazy..

SCORE: 4 out of 5 future rental inspections.


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