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Needs more (brew)dog

I'm walking around this week echoing Netflix hero Luke Cage's favourite expression 'sweet Christmas.'

And it truly is a sweet (few months early) Christmas after discovering the Brewdog reicpe book.
Suddenly I've gone from having no idea what to brew next to far too many suggestions in what to brew next..(It's a tough problem to have really..)

Almigo brews a beer - Beer #2 The replicated/midnight pirate

It's been a while between (home)brews. After the thrilling success of the Citra Warrior IPA, this time I'm turning my attention to replicating a beer that went down an absolute storm when I tucked into it the first time - The Pirate Life Pale Ale.

But would my replicated pirate plunder proudly on the seven (beer) seas or sink before it even got out of the docks to cause mayhem up and down the coast? Let's find out!

Insert Bishop said to other person punchline here - Matso's Bishop's Best

I've heard some pretty good things about the brews coming out of Matso's (especially their Mango beer) but would my one on one with the Bishop here go down in as one of the best catch ups with someone in a big hat I've ever had? (Not that I can recall many conversations with anyone in a big hat, but you get my drift..)

Pop the lid your holiness and let's go!