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Needs more (brew)dog

I'm walking around this week echoing Netflix hero Luke Cage's favourite expression 'sweet Christmas.'

And it truly is a sweet (few months early) Christmas after discovering the Brewdog reicpe book.
Suddenly I've gone from having no idea what to brew next to far too many suggestions in what to brew next..(It's a tough problem to have really..)

Best part of it all? It's free to grab, peruse and brew with!

Download DIY Dog to explore our back catalogue, recreate an old favourite and put your spin on any BrewDog beer ever created. After all, sharing is caring...
DIY Dog contains all our recipes, past present and future.

You can find the massive beer bible right here although you'll want to give yourself a tonne of time to flick through it, working out what Brewdog you want to bring first. Or next. Hell there's even chilli beers if you're so inclined. 

For me their massive list of IPA's are truly appealing although I've also printed out a tonne of recipes for everything from a trashy blonde to a Christmas beer. I'll be churning out batches for decades now, thanks guys!

Something for the small batchers?

Well considering how all the recipes are one pagers and everything you need is printed clearly, a quick five minutes with your small batch formula will be all you need to take it down from a 20 litre batch, to something like a 5 litre batch. Or even smaller.

Remember, it's not the size of the dog...

Onya Brewdog!


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We've just hit summer now here in Australia so did we manage to land on target?