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Paulaner Hefe-Weizen - Head for months!

Current status of my IPA? Still fermenting. It gets a nice little hop addition tomorrow for three days and then it's bottling time. So while I wait, let's rip into the beer with the longest lasting head I have ever experienced, the Paulaner Hefe-Weizen!

(Seriously, the head on this thing lasted forever. I'm surprised at how quick a head can fade on some beers but not this one - the wheaty goodness is obviously playing a part in making that head stand proud and hang there practically til the last drop.)

Being the second Hefeweizen this year (the first being the moustached Hef complete with bubble gum note), long lasting head aside, how would it compete in this style stakes?

What am I smelling here?: Medium wheat..and is that a very vague note of stone fruit I'm detecting?

Initial thoughts: My god is that head impressive! It's like a personal beer cloud hanging around for a session. It's smooth, bready, clean. There's not a world of flavour pouring out here outside of the wheat. There's certainly a decent cloudiness to it as well as that stonking great head but I'm not picking up much else. I read elsewhere that people rave about the flavors of this one, did I cop a bad one here?

Overall: Lack of flavors aside (I feel a retry is in order) it's still a very easy beer to drink that goes down smooth and works well with food (I tried it with pork belly).

So until the retest, 3 out of 5 loaves of tasty bread.


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