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Almigo brews a beer part 3 - Introducing Cappadonna

Okay I'm doing things an odd way around, buying stuff for the back end of the brewing process first instead of gear needed to get this batch actually started...but a bargain is a bargain. And I do love a bargain..

Let me introduce you to Cappadonna, my bargain beer bottle capper. Name in honor of my wife Donna and the famous member of the Wu Tang Clan himself:

I found it on Gumtree on Saturday morning for the low price of $8, messaged straight away and got a reply...Monday morning. The seller had gone away for the weekend but I was more than welcome to swing by at any stage to come grab it. So on the way to work that arvo, I met Keith and his lovely wife, chatted about home brewing for a couple of minutes and whisked my bargain prize away.

'It's good fun brewing, you'll love it!' Onya Keith!

Cappa has obviously been sitting in Keith's shed for a bit as it's a bit rusty but a bit of wd40 and elbow grease soon got things freed up to be able to adjust things as needed.

The roofing screws into the block of wood are a nice touch.

More importantly, does it work? For $8 I was figuring that I might need to replace the metal bell on it but as a test I grabbed a nearby empty (from the very tasty Pintail) half filled it with water and pulled down to find...

Would you look at that! Not a drip coming out!

Right, now onto what we need for the front end of this project...stay tuned!

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Part 3 - Introducing Cappadonna (you are here) 


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