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Little Creatures Pale Ale - the stuff that keeps clients happy

So there was a work do on at my radio station and all the staff were encouraged to introduce themselves to clients and get involved in the eating and drinking (in moderation of course). While I'm not really that great at mingling (I crack more ice breaking jokes than necessary) I'm more than game to do the eating and beer drinking part, especially when there's something on offer I haven't had for a while.

In this case, a couple of bottles of Little Creatures Pale Ale...

Now the last time I had this was years ago at the end of a parade. Not watching the parade per se, more driving a work vehicle as part of it very slowly to ensure other staff members could jump in and out of it at times to fetch more balloons for kids in the crowd.
Nothing generates a thirst more than driving at a snails pace for an afternoon and before I jumped into my twin turbo escape machine, I stopped off at the bar at the end of the parade for one of these. I don't remember much of it then but having more time today without a single parade in sight, I can really appreciate it much more.

What am I smelling?: Malt N Pine. It sounds like some terrible cleaning product if you say it quick enough but that's what I'm getting, malt and pine.

Initial thoughts: Why couldn't I remember this previously? It's very good. Hints of caramel and light sweetness, It's got a lovely bitterness about it with a decent and flavorful aftertaste (almost a ghost like aniseed) that packs a decent hit of hops. Some say this is watery but I reckon it's pretty well balanced.

Overall: A dangerous choice for work functions truly because it is quite tasty. Still the place bought more than one box of them so there was plenty to go round. After a couple I felt a little sleepy but that's probably more the fact that I haven't finished work yet and it's been a busy day. I'd go a third if I wasn't driving though and hopefully by then the waitress with the chicken skewers will swing by with more to eat because I'm still a bit peckish..

4 out of 5 work functions


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