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Balter IPA - The local velvet uppercut

The second of our three offers from Balter currently cooling away in the fridge (Black Metal Disco still on the way), could the Indian Pale Ale here find itself a worthy opponent to the recently crowned King of The IPA's, being the Burleigh Fig Jam? Let's step on the ring and find out!

Now recently I popped down to the local Dan Murphey's and was quite chuffed to see (I know, I know, should've taken a picture) a big stand of nothing but Balter complete with a sign about it being local. I also saw their Pilsner which will undoubtedly make it's way into my shopping basket the next time I'm there (I popped in for a bottle of Malibu for the better half for xmas).

Anyway, on with the IPA show:

Took a whiff, what did we hit?: Some slight pine and a lot of hops. Picture yourself driving through a pine forest on a calm balmy day with the windows up and the passenger opens up a fresh bag of tasty hops right next to you.
Initial thoughts: A lovely thick looking creamy head. I'm getting buttery caramel notes similar to the Kozel but not as sweet. A nice decent strength slightly bitter back end with a nice mouth feel.

Overall: While it's not as direct in terms of super strong flavor from what I remember of the Fig Jam (it does come close), it's bloody tasty and very easy to drink, especially if you're a fan of strong full flavor and aroma brews. I was quite merry on just one so if you're not a seasoned drinker, more than one in a session might have you on your arse in record time. Definitely hand over the keys if you're planning to have a session on these babies.

4 out of 5 velvet lined uppercuts


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