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Balter Black Metal Disco - no cover charge necessary

The third and final of our Balter offerings (until I get my hands on a can of their pilsner sometime next year), let's find out what's going on in the subdued tall can here..

Now maybe it's me but I can't help look at this can and recall the episode of Married with Children when they turn the group No Maam into a church group for tax purposes. Before they manage to do that, all they can afford is a beer in a similar looking can called 'Yeast N Stuff'. I didn't ask Scott if he's a fan of the show but you never know..

What am I smelling here?: Cold black coffee. I do like my coffee's black so we're off to a banging start here..

Initial thoughts: My god, what a mighty head! I impressed my six year old son to no end by writing my initials into the foam ala Guinness. It also reminds me of Guinness a lot but the mouth feel isn't as thick. I'm picking up coffee, chocolate and sweetness - this happens a lot more when you give it a chance to breathe in a glass and not swig straight out of the can. Towards the end of the glass it started to taste a little like the cold black coffee's I leave at my desk while I'm bashing away at the keyboard. Yes they do start out hot but I get distra- hey look, a squirrel! Anyway I like cold coffee on occasion.

Overall: While it's not as complex as their XPA, it's easy drinking and nice for something different, especially if you like your brews with roasted coffee flavor. While it hasn't converted me to more brews of it's style, it's a lovely change for a couple of days. It doesn't go too bad in front of a bbq either!

3.75 out of 5 churches built for tax purposes.


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