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Velkopopovický Kozel - one bargain goat

Remind me to shop at Dan Murphey's more often - not only do they have far more beers on hand than the local bottle shop, they stock a much more in depth selection of internationals. Like this one with the blotto goat on the front...

Now if that looks like a decent sized bottle, it's because it is. $4.60 bought be 500 mils of Czech Republic Goat Brew which is a bargain if you like your beers with animals on the label. I bought this one to entertain myself while manning the bbq with the in laws in town however we ended up at the local tavern instead when I accidentally drank some water...

So this one stayed in the fridge until the family left, the kids finally went to bed and it was just me, the dog (Savannah the Border Collie) and a recliner watching an episode of Z Nation. A fine time to visit the Czech Republic and sip on a brew created back in 1874.

Right drunken goat, what you got for me?

Does it smell like a beer filled goat?: Thankfully no. It smells like you're seated in a well seasoned front bar and in amongst the beer haze you can smell some of the copper pipes.

Initial thoughts: It's sweet. There's some slight caramel like flavours in there and it's slightly buttery. The aftertaste is a decent hit of slight buttered copper that lingers in your mouth for quite some time. Not bad at all Goaty McGoatface!

Overall: It's great to go from a beer that had almost no flavour last post to a brew that has plenty of it, smells like a beer, packs plenty in a bottle and is affordable. I'm liking this lager! Too much of the butteryness would probably put me off it but for now, thanks Mr Murphey!

4 out of 5 inebriated animals on beer label


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