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Sapporo - Enjoy this when you can see the floor again

There's no such thing as a lazy Sunday in this house. Especially when your clan includes a couple of kids and the landlord decides they need a look around the place later this week...

So up we got this morning with garbage bag and vacuum in hand and I was halfway through my third coffee of the morning when I finally remembered to check my phone and my boss had been busy texting me news of the passing of Malcolm young from ACDC. So after a quick lunch it was back into the studio to come up with a tribute special complete with best of Acca-Dacca followed by a whirlwind visit to the supermarket for some steak and brews.

I'm happy to report that the house was still clean when I returned and I managed to cook a couple of porterhouses to absolute perfection. Coupled with some ripper mashed potatoes and a seeded mustard mushroom and garlic sauce courtesy of the better half and a good night was had by all. The icing on top? Tonight's brew selection wasn't half bad either. Onward with the review!

So what am I smelling here?: Floral notes. I'd like to be poetic and say they were cherry blossoms wafting over the snow but no, it just smelt a bit like flowers you'd get at a supermarket.

Initial thoughts: It's nicely balanced along the whole process - from sip to aftertaste. There's no sudden bumps along this road, just smoothness with every slurp. Oh and sweetness. There's quite a bit of sweetness in this one, very similar to the Estrella Damm. It's kind of like sushi rice with it's bath of sugar water. You still taste the rice but the sweet edge is there too. Nice head but doesn't want to stay there for long. A very slight appeal to repeat shortly after.

Overall: Unlike the recent Asashi, I didn't feel like I'd eaten 42 slices of toast straight after which is good. It's a good balance but it's standout point is the sweetness though so if you don't like them sweet, I'd focus on something else. It'd go sensationally well with a good Japanese feed over my choice of steak but that's up to you.

 3.75 out of 5 rent inspections.


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