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John Boston The Second Batch Session IPA: It came with a warning..

Now it's not often that I get a word or warning about a beer during my weekly trips to the bottle shop (in fact the only other beer selection that got any reaction in my blogging so far was the Estrella Damm that was recommended to me by a woman working in the shop) but on the way out from buying this one, the guy behind the counter uttered 'It's nice, but you couldn't have more than one..' which is a strange thing to say for a beer that is labelled as ready for a drinking session..

It turns out after a quick conversation that he's just not a fan of hoppy beers. So I can cross him off the list for my next impromptu IPA 'hop on' parties that I just made up then.
But would his words ring true? Would I enjoy this but only enough to stop at one?
Let's find out.

What am I smelling here?: Lots of hops with some sweet fruity overtones. It's on the IPA smell path so far.

Initial thoughts: A nice looking head and colour on this one and it's nice to have a beer with a decent smell again after a few recents haven't had much going on in the aroma department. It's lively at first but mellows nicely into a lip smacking flavoursome hoppy mix coupled with the right amount of bitterness.

Overall: I found this slightly smoother and tastier than the Pirate Life IPA and although it is very dry at the end of it, it's a feeling that I could quite happily repeat a couple of times throughout the night. Although it hasn't dethroned Burleigh Fig Jam as the King of the IPAs, I have no idea what the bloke behind the counter was on about, this one's a winner.

Score: 4 out of 5 confused bottle shop attendants.


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