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James Boag's Premium Light - My horse is still running

When it comes to picking a winning horse in any race, even the race that stops a radio station - The Melbourne Cup - I am completely rubbish at it. Spending more time agonising over which horse has a more powerful and therefore winning name over actually looking up any previous race history or anything useful. So obviously, I didn't pick a winner - but work was quite nice to put on a chicken and champers feast in celebration and preferring a brew over some bubbles, I raided the Friday nights drinks fridge and came up Premium.
Would this one give me that winner feeling?

So who did you pick in the Melbourne Cup?: I really liked the name Wall of Fire because if I was a wizard, I'd be throwing up that particular wall if any door to door salesmen popped round for a chat and a demonstration (since I'm not a wizard all they get is a withering look.) I also popped some coin on Wicklow Brave after a tip from a fan of the radio show. I have hereby decided not to follow any random listener tips from here on in.

Well at least you got to enjoy a beer at work: I did and it's not even a Friday!

Not pictured: A winning slip

So what am I smelling here?: Herm, beer. That's about it. No distinctive notes to put a fiver on.

Initial thoughts: Slightly fizzy. Crisp. Goes well with Red Rooster. There's nothing really jumping off the page with this one. So it's perfect for a sales rep to blow some steam off in the office after a big week making budget and still be able to drive home (provided they keep to their limit).

Overall: Inoffensive easy to drink brew that's light on the palate and goes well with chicken chips and gravy. The lightness does leave a lack of flavour but that's pass for the course with these type of brews (so basically it's the opposite to something like the Fig Jam.)

2.4 out of 5 winning tips on Melbourne Cup day  


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