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Bitburger - I know I put this damn card somewhere

A mini concert celebrating Australian music. A race against Brisbane traffic. A car boot sale. A couple of sick children. A lost credit card. No it's not a terrible plot outline to a pilot episode of a tv series that will never get off the ground, it formed the basis of my weekend. How I ever managed to find time to sample a Bitburger (actually I wasn't that busy...) is anyone's guess..

Yes today we get to drop a pin in the Germany section of the website map (remind me to put one up) and in equally important news, I've just found my credit card. Under the keyboard where I'm typing this up. Silly me. Thankfully I was planning to cancel it at the end of today..

Wait, a car boot sale? Did you buy a car boot?: If you seriously just made that dad joke, sadly you're not the first. My good mate Brixey beat you to it and it wasn't funny when he let it rip the first time. (Actually you can read about the car boot sale misadventures right here!) Anyway on with the review.

Took a whiff, this is what I got: A vision of a busy beer soaked pub (no seriously, that's what I thought of when I took a sniff), slight spices and metal filings.

Initial thoughts: Nice looking head that doesn't hang about for too long. There's a sweetness to it but a medium level aftertaste of hops that's slightly metallic. It's refreshing.

Overall: By itself it's okay if you like this level of bitterness but it really excels with food (in testing I paired it with roasted chicken drumsticks). The bitterness that floats around after I wasn't too crash hot on but if you enjoy that kind of style, you'll enjoy this.

3 out of 5 lost credit cards.


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