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Pacer Pale Ale - putting it through it's...uh...paces

A few months ago I had a great time catching up with the in laws at the Mount Tamborine carnival. Or fair. Or get together. I forget what is was called but it was a nice mix of festival stuff including some cars, rides for the kids and decent food. So when I discovered that the Pacer Pale Ale is made on the mountain (or near it anyway) I figured now was a good a time as any to sample a local brew made just down the road from my place.*

The oranges aren't symbolic of anything, they're just on my kitchen counter

*Well about 25kms away but who's counting?

So this is a beer from the fans of the Pacer then?: Well I haven't asked them specifically but yes, I guess so. (Actually looking at all their car themed brews, they're fans of cars full stop.)

The AMC Pacer?:

Hilariously, no. At a guess any beer flavored after the humble AMC Pacer would probably taste like the 70's, hairy desperation and more than likely give you cramps.
No no, the inspiration for this brew is obviously based on the Valiant VG Pacer. Behold!

Which is still a 70's era inspiration but nowadays probably a touch more appealing to local car nuts here in Australia than the flying fishbowl.

Enough car chat good man, on with the review!: Did I mention the cars at the Mount Tamborine communion gathering get together? I even made a video!

But yes, let's get on with the brew.


What am I smelling here?: A faint whiff of straw

Initial thoughts: Light gold color, light fluffy head, I can taste a passing honey note in here and just a slight ghost of fruit. Originally I thought it was on the watery side but after it warmed up slightly that part disappeared and I ended up with a nicely balanced lighter style brew with a lovely dry finish and a bready corn aftertaste.

Overall: As last week will attest, usually low ABV beers aren't that high on my testing list as I like my brews like I like my steak sandwiches - dripping in BBQ sauce meaty and full of flavor. However this has nice flavor, it's nicely balanced, I enjoy the label and this arvo I quite happily polished up a couple at the in laws BBQ (yes same in laws I adventured with at Mt Tamborine) and it suited my steak burger sandwich and salad quite well. I think I've found my new favorite mid-strength.

4 out of 5 70's classic cars.


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