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James Squire Mid River - Netfllx and swill

A disappointing day today in the Beers In My Backyard HQ - I learnt that the series that was giving me much amusement: The Mist on Netflix - will not be renewed for another season. All that terrible acting going to waste. All that terrifying mist fading into the ether. So many questions left unanswered.
So to console myself I popped the top off a bottle of James Squire Mid River and went for a bit of a Netflix surf to find a suitable replacement. Thankfully I ended up with something that turned out far tastier than the beer selection...

Get out of there please, you have work to do. 

Before I selected the first show, I popped the top off and took a whiff: It smelt like raw pine and fruit.

So what are we watching first?: Wynona Earp. No wait, this is rubbish. I made it to the opening credits after the first nonsensical ten minutes and ludicrous fight and decided to kill my remaining time on Earth with something else.

To ignore what was happening on the screen, I focused on the beer instead:  Yay, a beer with a decent head again (after the disappearing rabbit trick of the Blue Moon). I'm tasting biscuity malt and a slight fan waving of fruit. It's got a slight bitter end and a heavy mouth feel akin to the Endeavor and once again it's not pleasant in the slightest. Like attempting to watch Wynona, this one is tough getting through. But I persevered (with the beer, gave up on the show).

Okay so Wynona and the beer fell flat, what next?: The first episode of Hemlock Grove. Which seemed promising but then ended up being a confusing mess (it does have equally as bad acting as the Mist however so I might get back to it eventually.) This night is not going well so far.

Back to the beer for a second, final thoughts?: Maybe I caught a bad batch but this one was pretty bad. Flavors are okay(ish - nothing really stood out) but the thing left a bad taste in my mouth and when you get to the point of wondering whether you should (or could) finish a brew, you know you're in trouble. In this case mid river got turned into mud river.

1.5 out of 5 bad TV shows.

So did you finally find something worth watching?: Indeed I did. Giving Z Nation a try (finally) I finally found myself going to bed after a run of three episodes, completely forgetting how bad the brew was. The series has tonnes of reputability, this brew however definitely did not..


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