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Blue Moon - More than once in said moon

Would you look at this moment - wife and daughter tuckered out from a big day at the local markets, my son keeping himself amused by watching random things on YouTube, the dog warn out from her trip to the dog park this morning, my little barbell workout is done for the day and still a couple of hours til dinner. Conditions are clear (moons and planets and something about druids in alignment and all that) and the afternoon is packing a lovely warmth. Time for a cheeky brew. Time to get the moon out a little early..

Roll it, open it, pour it, pretend it's a cocktail?

Describe the smell: Beer and just a hint of orange. Once it sits there for a couple of minutes the smell completely disappears. That's not the only thing that vanishes by the way..

Initial thoughts: I blinked and the head that was barely there to begin with, has now disappeared. It looks like a glass of bubbling cloudy apple juice. The last time I saw something go out of view that fast it wasn't long before it got pulled over and lost its license. Lots of creamy wheat type flavours and I reckon I picked up just a small trace of banana there too. Probably more the orange. Towards the end it tastes like banana cake. Was the wheat growing next to a fruit plantation? It's got a very bready type finish too that gets a little heavy the more time you swish this around. A touch of an oily texture too. But this has got to be the creamiest beer I've ever had the pleasure of sampling.

Overall: Years ago I had a similar style beer to this one (although from memory it also had milk thistle in it?) and wasn't a fan in the slightest. This one though is better. Far better and so creamy. Put the fact that the head and smell is completely missing in action and you're left with a creamy combination of mostly bread and just a hint of fruit action. Not really my cup of beer but a vast improvement on the first time I tried this style.

3.5 out of 5 bad moons rising.


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