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Pirate Life - it be a pirate life fer me...

Well, a promise be a promise...

So today ye find me writin this entire review, in pirate.
Shiver me timbers and all that...
Well then me hearties, what do we have ere?

Why it be a can o pirate life o course!

Time was you used to have to sail the seven seas to call yeeself a pirate but now ye just toddle on down to the local BWS and hand over a piece o eight to do the same. And seven licks of a cat o nine for any land lubber that got in your way. Anyways, let us get down to the reviewing. Yargh.

What I be smelling here matey: Herbs me boy, I be smelling herbs. And some fruit, it be lurkin in there slight you see? And then to top it off I be smelling some pine. And I do be loving that smell, specially when my blunderbus puts me enemies in a pine box! Yaragh!

That don't be lookin like a seven sea Captain: Of course it don't matey, it's a beer! It's a brew for bruisers and it comes out in a deep bronze deeper than that deep sea bit on that map I forgot where I put, you know where me booty be buried. That's deep lads, that's deep. It's also got a head on it like one of them tax collectors we run afoul of, hangs around for ages ye see.

Alright, who invited this land lubber onto me ship?

Where'd ye buy it Captain?: First mate! Whip that scurvy dog for missin me bit earlier about going to the BWS for me grog. That'll teach em!

Initial thoughts there cap'n?: Well lads, it don't taste like no swabbed deck and that be a good thing indeed! Nay, it reminds me of the holy grail that be the Fig Jam we reviewed earlier, only with the fruit turned down on ye. There be plenty of fruit and malty merry jigs on your old tongue though and a taste that hangs around like one of those fine wenches at the Salty Pig when they know we found us some gold. I be liking this a lot boys!

Overall: Like me coffers when I raid us a spice merchant, this be like a chest packed full of flavor. It's not as potent as me Fig Jam o course, but it still holds it's own and it be a solid contender for a top three finisher in this motley crew. I want me another already - get your cabin boy to get you one today!

4.25 out of 5 keenhaulins.


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