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Endeavour Growers Ale - Lazy Sundays with the Border Collie

Sunday's are supposed to be quiet but of course my latest one wasn't - I was up at 4:45am to battle the non existent traffic of the M1 to make it in time for my radio show where I played a lot of the 80's, reminisced about the 80's (especially how cool I was with my showbag Knight Rider pencil case), almost got collected by some airhead who didn't understand how roundabouts worked, played some Lego Dimensions on the Xbox 360 with my little bloke and when I finally stopped for air I found myself outside at the back table with just the dog for company and a bottle of Endeavour Growers Ale ready to calm my Sunday down.

Would this be the beer that Sundays are made for? Lets slurp and see!

What aromas am I picking up with this one?: Citrus notes, hint of lime and a drop of caramel. Not a bad start.

Color?: Luscious gold. You'd be quite happy if you dug something this color out of the ground. A fast fading head. (That's not a bad name for a band if anyone wants to pay me royalties for the use...)

Initial thoughts?: It was a bit coppery to start with a pretty decent bitter kick ending but as it warmed up more of the flavors came to a head and the kick lessened. What didn't lessen though was the fairly heavy aftertaste that hung around for a while - not overly offensive but not high on the list of things I enjoy in a brew.

Overall: Decent to start until the sandbagging effect at the end which holds zero appeal for the next one. Halfway through and well after a drop I like to have that lingering reliving of the subtle flavors, something the Pirate Life, Fig Jam and Boston Lager all provided (the Asahi Soukai did this too but it was a bit soapy) but not a wall of indiscernible taste that you'd like to wash out with something else.

2 out of 5 Lazy Sundays


5. MOUNTAIN GOAT STEAM ALE (Even a lack of flavours is better than one that leaves an unwanted taste in your mouth.


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