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4 pines Indian Summer Ale - smells like Christmas is here

Another lazy afternoon, another artsy fartsy photo out in the back yard, another brew sacrificed to the beer gods. And this time around I think I've tripped over the perfect beer for Xmas lunch, especially if you skipped on a Christmas tree this year - all in a can that I confuse for one full of orange flavored mineral water...

What am I smelling here: A big waft of pine. Lots and lots of pine and just a small drop of citrus. Think half a lemon at the base of a freshly cut down Christmas tree. The more this brew warms up the more prominent the citrus. 

What am I tasting: Dry hoppy flavors with that hint of citrus. Although I have never drunk a liquidised Xmas tree, I'm sure this beer tastes nothing like it. Thankfully. Mildly bitter to medium aftertaste after a slightly fruity start that after a while tastes like tonic water. Is this the Indian part of it? 

Initial thoughts: The head starts off like a no expense shared wedding and then quickly disappears like an ex wife with a settlement check. I have no idea what an Indian summer is like but I've had other beers that I would attribute to blazing sunshiny afternoons more than this one. Still quite drinkable though. Every time I look in the fridge I confuse the can forsome Schweppes have put out.. 

What would it go well with?: A turkey Christmas lunch. 

 Overall: Interesting all round. Interesting can design, flavors, smells and finish. Would I race to the fridge right after the first one? Not really. 

3 out of 5 blazing Indian summers. 


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