Mornington Lager - Who put the cans in the washing machine again?

After the success of Brooklyn Lager last week, this week I took the Lager train to a different stop, a mere 32 hour flight away to Mornington Victoria Australia where along the way my beer managed to lose 45mls..

Yes I did wonder for a moment if my hands had suddenly blown up in size from the truly sporadic exercise sessions out in the back yard but nay, I don't have giant hands - these are actually 330ml cans. Why? Well I'm not sure - perhaps it's made small so you feel like the hulk chugging on one? HULK SMASH DOWN PUNY SIZED BEER! GAAAAARRRRR! GIVE HULK NUTHA BEEER GARRRRRR!!

So would the smaller sized cans still produce big things just as well as our little trip to Brooklyn last week? Let's find out!

HOW MUCH DID IT SET YOU BACK? $12 with a Dan Murpheys membership card. Normally about $19 for a six pack which is high end for me, Baron of the Bargain Beers. (Around $15-16 is my happy place for a six pack only cos I'm poor)

HAVE I BEEN TO MORNINGTON?: Possibly. I don't remember. Maybe a family trip when I was a kid?

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Even though it's on the smaller side of things (not as bad as those half cans you get on flights) there's still plenty going for it - great lager smell, nice lager taste but the bitterness on the tip of the tongue moment isn't really there. Nice finish but not dominating making this very easily to sip at (and ultimately reach for another can shortly after the first.) Nothing really leaps out about it but overall a lovely flavor and quite enjoyable.

WHAT TO EAT IT WITH?: Something warm and hearty and so the 8 hour slow cooked beef steaks in gravy complete with corn and roasted veggies were an absolute perfect choice. If it's spending some time in the oven, drink this beer with it.

OVERALL: Look, I'm still sold on the Brooklyn Lager over this effort however it's a great beer standing on it's own. The smaller can size is handy if you don't plan a massive Sunday session and just want a nice drop with a meal and on cold nights with something hot out of the oven, this one excels.

4 out of 5 working washing machines.


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